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sunny autumn
spireia wrote in learn_diy
I am glad that you made this community!
As a small introduction, I sew, knit, am learning to crochet, have done some tatting, and various other crafts.  I am thinking of trying to become an event planner.  Also, my husband has gluten and corn allergies, so I've been learning how to cook without a lot of normal ingredients.  He does chain maille, drawing, photoshop, and a lot of other art, and is trying to go into business for himself.
And as a small contribution, a cure for hiccups - Eat peanut butter.  Weird, I know, but it works!  I've even resorted to Reese's Pieces, and still had it work, most of the time :)

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Chain mail! Awesome!

Pardon my ignorance, but you mentioned tatting. The only "tatt" I know is tatooing but that doesn't seem to fin in with the rest of your hobbies. What do you mean by tatting?

it is sort of like crocheting more or less, generally something that isn't as popular with the newer generation, but used to be pretty popular. Generally it is smaller projects and whatnot and for some reason reminds me of doilies. I haven't ever tried it, but I have thought of it before as some of the work is very neat for decorative stuff.

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