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Homemade deer deterrent
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avianaquamiser wrote in learn_diy
Homemade deer deterrentI promised y'all some deer deterrent plans last week, so here goes!  For the version which is easily repeatable, we used a $10.48 drill from Wal-mart and wired it to a 3 V transformer and a 25 ohm potentiometer.  That combination let us run it on plain old AC electricity rather than batteries and to adjust the speed.

A wire, chain, and golf ball attached to the drill then revolve and clang against some metal flashing.  The resulting sound and motion have been 100% effective in keeping deer out of our garden, even though last year by this time our garden was more like a mass of chomped on roots.

If you're interested, I put step by step instructions up on our deer deterrent website.  We're hoping other folks will give it a shot and help us streamline the process to make it even easier to do.  Enjoy!


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