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stroopfaced wrote in learn_diy
I need a good way of preventing/treating snoring that doesn't involve paying a lot of money for spray or nose strips. Obviously, snoring is caused by all kinds of different things but does anyone have any good general ideas? Thanks x

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I have heard that having the snoring person sleep on their side helps. If it is an allergy issue with stuffy nose and whatnot, allergy meds could help.

I found some 4yr old prescription nose spray. That seems to work lol

Snoring is one of those individual things where your mileage may vary.

I found that dry air contributes to snoring. I use a humidifier in the bedroom that helps.

Aha. We have just moved into a room with hardly any ventilation. Plus, my flatmates have decided that it's time for the heating to be on. Horribly dry.

this is an old thread but I was just checking out the forum and noticed this so I wanted to comment! Snoring can sometimes be a result of various health issues, one of which is sleep apnea. My Dad has been snoring for years and only recently found out that he has sleep apnea. I believe that a lot of snorers (is that a word?!) actually suffer from sleep apnea, so it might be an idea to check with a DR. to see if that is the problem...

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