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Hey, just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has posted so far. This is going surprisingly well. Keep it up guys! 

Introduction from the farm
drinking chicken
My husband and I have been homesteading for going on three years now, so diy is what we do!  We write about our adventures over on our other farm blog.

My cup of tea is the garden, which doesn't really fit the bill of this community, but my husband is an endless tinkerer.  Last year, he came up with an automatic chicken waterer that made me stop swearing at my chickens in the morning (and now brings in most of our cash.)

More recently...but again to stop me from swearing...he developed a really cheap mechanical deer deterrent.  We decided to give away
plans for free so that others can keep deer out of their garden, and my project for the next few weeks is turning those plans into a website which everyone can understand. I'll post here when it's up and running so that you all can give it a shot!

Meanwhile, I look forward to reading about everyone else's projects!

Hardwood floors
Good idea!  I'm always up for learning new ways to do things particularly if they save time or money.  My husband and I recently bought an acre of land which we intend to homestead, so we are always doing something and we're always doing it ourselves.  We have a lot of home remodeling type projects in addition to greenhouse, chicken coops, goat pens and more on the agenda.  Our current project is pond construction.  Additionally I knit, and crochet and am learning to preserve fruits and veggies.   Here is a link on some tips about hardwood floor refinishing from our community blog detailing our homesteading experiences at johnnys_garden .

Looking forward to hearing about everyone's diy projects.

What the heck *shrugs*
My name is Laura. I am a graphic designer by trade, but in college I majored in studio art, so really I am more or less very artisitc. I fix most things around the house and even put up our tin shed more or less on my own. I also fix my car when it is smaller stuff.

I knit, crochet, sew, craft, woodwork, know how to weld, take pictures (I won't call myself a photographer by any means, but I like them), garden and much, much more stuff. I am currently working on making a deck of Tarot cards as I am really drawn to the artwork and symbolism. (I also moderate tarot_guild (a tarot community on lj))

I do many many other things and am more or less the fix it person my friends go to when they want advice on how to get stuff done, such as making a plaster cast to fool people for a class.

I am also on Ravelry as diddimus.

One of my recent projects is a great starter DIY project for how to make planter boxes from old fence pieces.

I basically recycled some non-rotted boards from the six foot security fence that we took down when we bought our house due to most of it being rotten. I made my boxes be about a foot wide by a yard long and a half a foot tall. I used some two by fours I had laying about and made feet for my boxes and a six foot peice of a 1x2 that I had around as reinforcement. Here is the journal entry I made about it at the time arualanne.livejournal.com/16283.html#cutid1. If you need more specifics on it, when I have time I will draw out the actual plans and the size of them and perhaps write out the pattern a little more concisely. I also used some screws to join them together.

The tools I used were a skill saw, a screw driver (electric), A T-square (I cheated and used the edge of a cabinet to double check that cuts were fairly straight, so my boxes were a little wonkier than they could have been, but I was in a hurry), and a tape measure. If you aren't useing screws, you will want a hammer instead. I then used Thompson's water sealer to seal the boxes so they last for a while and don't rot as I live in the south and rot is a big problem down here with it being really humid and all. If you want the boxes to be more natural, don't seal them. I left a small gap in the bottom so that water could drain, but not too big so that the soil won't run out the bottom too. More or less make a box without a top. Join the bottom with the 1x2's and then put on the two by fours as feet, I did mine the tall way as that way when the yard gets soggy as it does down here, my boxes are well out of the water, if you don't have that problem then it is really optional. I then filled them with dirt and started planting, The green beans did well and the weather down here overheated everything else so my garden didn't do great, but then I planted 4 o'clocks (flowers) in them and they are doing great and blooming and all, so the boxes work well as planters. Next time, I might make them deeper, but that is what I had on hand.

On another note, many projects and ideas for DIY stuff can be found at www.instructables.com.

Hey crafters

I guess I'm a crafter now since I learned how to knit...heh heh...I am more of a musician though, but do like crafts.  My name is Gia and I live in North Reading, MA with my husband and 5 year old son.  I'm writing (okay, really blogging, but hey it's fun) on http://www.winslowshire.wordpress.com , http://www.northshoreparenting.com, http://www.giazzworld.blogspot.com and http://www.justthetemp.blogspot.com .  I'm on Ravelry as Giazz (and if you crochet or knit, you really should get on http://www.ravelry.com) and here as giazz_40.

My husband and I also created The Winslowshire Festival for the Animals, a Renaissance Festival to benefit the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary and the website for that is http://www.winslowshire.com and in fact, we are doing a Halloween event all through the month of October and for more information on the farm itself is http://www.winslowfarm.com so stay tuned for more info.  We're actually creating Halloween Props for a Spooky Carnival and also for The Haunted Woods event that we're having there, so we're learning about all kinds of different crafty things now a days.  If you have any tips on Halloween props or where we can get some for on the cheap do let me know (I know about Oriental Trading Post, thanks, and if you didn't know about them it's http://www.orientaltrading.com ).

Friend me if you like, and if you are on twitter, follow me http://www.twitter.com/giazzpet

Hello hello hello :)
Marry Taker
Hi everyone :) I saw this community on a knitting community I'm in and I really think it's a great idea! A small introduction: I'm Heather, I'm married and am the proud mother of a 4 year old airdale named Winston and a 2 year old rat named Jeff.

As for what I can do, I can knit.. but am still learning and picking up tidbits myself. I am a crafter in general, I am often handy with computers and um.. I may have to think of more later :)

I am always picking up random diy tidbits though and one that I can share that I can think of right now is a mosquito bite remedy. Anti-itch paste is simply baking soda (the stuff you put in your fridge) and water mixed to a paste and spread on your itchy bites .. not the best tip but it's all I can think of right now lol

Anyway.. hello!

I saw your post on the beekeeping LJ. I thought I would join you, as this is a good idea. You asked for an introduction on the Info page, so here you go:

I am a jack of all trades, with experience in all facets of construction and maintenance. I never call people out to work on anything except a major automotive repair, as an example. I work in maintenance, and replace and repair things all day long. I've been working in construction in one form or another for about 25 years.

My wife and I bought a little 7 acre plot about 20 minutes from Athens, GA (Home of the UGA Bulldogs) about a year ago, and we are creating a farm here. We are looking to be completely "off the grid" in about 5 years, but so far have only done things such as putting in fencing, adding a rainwater storage system, and a 1/4 acre garden. We make some of our own items (my wife loves to knit, for instance), and are enjoying all of it. We are looking into lots of ideas for renewable energy sources including wind turbines, solar panels, solar-heated hot water, bio-diesel and even vehicles run on recycled vegetable oil. We're not completely crazy, but we're close. :)

I don't have anything specific to offer right now, but I will watch your journal and comment when I have something worth saying. I might also surprise myself and post something DIY related, in order to help the journal get up and moving.

It's a good idea, and I am glad you started it. Thank you. Namaste.

Hard Drives and Shampoo links
So you can store thousands of pictures of your beautiful hair?

How to upgrade your hard drive -  a lot of people will know how to do this but it's very useful and if you are unfamilliar with computer innards it's worth checking.

How to make  your own Shampoo - This is awesome and very good fun. The soothing one worked wonders for me. I have heard that avocado is excellent for getting your hair nice and soft too,

Ok. I'm going to get the ball rolling with some, ok two, of my favourite home remidies.

Colds, cough, sore throut: mix half a cup of orange juice with half a cup of orange juice and stir in a spoonful of honey. Sounds obvious but it works amazing. Honey is great as it's an anticeptic, an antibiotic and really soothing.

Burns: Treat immediatly with pure lavender oil. Rather than just fixing the pain (like cold water) it will actually get rid of the burn almost instantly. Brilliant.

Not exactly a thrilling post but it's a start. Yay!


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