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Building a Bridge
waywalker wrote in learn_diy
I have a dry creek bed on my property, and since the bank is very steep and I have a lot of people that visit my property that are in wheelchairs or use canes, I want to build a bridge across the "chasm" so that everyone can go to the other side of the property with equal ease. I also want to be able to drive my tractor (A small one, only 19HP and about 4' wide) across it, so I've decided that my best balance between need and funds is #1 rail road ties. I am figuring on three trestle type supports, each about 8' apart, to fully span the entire length of the bed. And I doubt I will have a handrail per se, but instead have a rope rail run through some 4X4 pressure treated posts. I am sinking the posts into concrete, 2' to 3' deep. We live in Georgia and have had a drought until this year, but I seriously doubt the creek will get any water other than rain runoff.

This is a rough overview of my project. Anyone out there have any ideas on how to build this? Anyone else done this? Any bridge building information would be appreciated. I'm pretty handy, but I've never built a bridge. "The surest course to wisdom is to ask."

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a culvert pipe and some gravel?

We have a wet creek, not a dry one, so my advice might not fit the bill. But I thought I'd throw it out there anyway!

First of all, you should find out how much water goes through during wet weather. Our creek is usually ankle deep, but come a heavy rain it's soon up over my shoulders! That much water can easily wash a bridge (and definitely a culvert) away, as our neighbors discovered.

For that reason, and to save cash, we opted to build a ford instead of a bridge. You can see our advice on how to build a shallow creek crossing here. We had a lot of fun building it, and the price tag was much, much lower than building a bridge.

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