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Random but...
mr fibbles
privie_monster wrote in learn_diy
Maybe someone here can help!
Do any of you have advise on making chaps? My bf wants to make this costume. http://www.geocities.jp/ges_penst/TOYTRIBE/GAZELLE-P_001.jpg

This character has a giant gun prop which is what my boyfriend is going to make and since I am the one in the house that can sew I get the lovely challange of making the actual costume. So yeah I have no idea how to go about making chaps. My skills are minimal but I can follow a pattern or a tutorial of some sort. And then I have another question. His collar and the top his chaps kind of stick up and out. How would one go about doing that? I was thinking wire of some sort. Also I know about starching but I have never really done it and don't know if it would be the best thing for this project. Thanks in advance!

Also this is cross-posted so sorry if you see it more then once!

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I'm useless with needle and thread, but I will say that since leather is easier to work with I have made some costuming with that material. Boning or wire would be my thought for making it stick out, and I have a costume for DragonCon that has a high collar. The boning in that one makes it stick up, but it still has a little give (for packing or the occasional over-exuberant fan girl).

Best of luck, and I'd love to see some pictures of the final project!

Oh! I didn't even think of boning! Thanks.

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