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learn_diy's Journal

Exchange tips and learn to do/make stuff yourself
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Learn to do it for yourself
Hi. First thing I am going to say is that this is not a ready made community. I am starting it because I want it to exist. If a lot of people join and we get a some more knowlegable people I will be happy to hand over.

This is a community to for people who are interested in learning how to do things for themselves. Share tips on anything from how to make your own toothpaste to repairing your shoes or even just how to tile a bathroom.
There are a few websites devoted to this stuff but LJ is such a great way to share info and ask questions quickly. I think this has good potential.

~ Tell us what you can do: Post any skills you have, simple or complicated.
~ Need help? Ask questions about anything at all.
~ Suggest fun DIY project ideas and how to get started.
- Local events or groups? Advertise them here, or maybe start one.
- Have a relevant blog or website? Tell us about it.

For ideas, see our ever growing interests list!

This won't work well until we get a lot of people so JOIN, give it time to get going and please do post your own skills no matter how simple or random they may seem to you. This community is based on your imput.

JOIN JOIN JOIN and SPREAD THE WORD - No more hiring a man to do it for you.

1. Be nice.
2. Please tag entries with the subject so people can find them easilly.
3. No selling stuff you made. I'm sure it's awesome but there are plenty of other places to do that.
4. It seems fair that new members should post something. Say hi and give us a few helpful tips or a project idea. Everyone knows something useful!
5. Please do not use this community soly to promote your blogs. If it's relevent then great but muliple self promoters will be chucked out.

I apologise for spelling/grammer mistakes and general poor writing. I will check before posting, but it's not my strong point.